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Waking Up...

Today is my first day of being alone for more than one waking hour at a time since, um... May 26.

*blink* *blink*


So yeah. You'll have noticed by the fact that I've been on one-line posts for the past few days that I am utterly exhausted. The Boston trip was wonderful, but took a lot out of me. I should be recovered, um, just in time for my next trip - Florida, a week from today. (manifestress and photognome, can you catsit?)

This is when I get accustomed to getting enough sleep. With Elayna not being here, I get to sleep in in the morning, and I'm averaging waking up around 10:30. I'm not yet sure if that's good for me, or if I ought to be waking myself up earlier.

There will be a Boston trip report, a de Lint signing report, a Spooky report. Gradually. And feel free to keep on me about that! There were a few life changes on the Boston trip... all good, but some not yet for public consumption.

...I'm going to go for a walk to wake myself up. My brain's not quite processing yet.
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