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I am parsing a lot of things. Part of why I've not been posting is pure lack of time. That is a big part. But part of it is that there's a lot to parse. I'm really thankful that I've had this week; it's enabled me to get geographically acclimated. One of the reasons I know I belong here? I don't get lost here. Only other place I've ever been able to find my way around? Vegas.

The difference in culture here is huge, too. I'm not talking about theater-and-museums culture, though that's significant. I'm talking about... hm.

In a recent post, mangosteen pointed out the difference between Californians and New Englanders as saying that New Englanders are always hunkering down for the winter. "Snow comes and we're all gonna die!" So, compared to Californians, New Englanders have sort of a memento mori outlook.

I have found myriad little differences here in the way Bostonians, as a group, look at things. I love finding stuff like this, because it helps me in my writing. (Yes, any little sociological thing Helps Me Be A Better Writer; if you mention something I haven't heard of, or take an unsual thought process around something, expect me to pounce upon you demanding explanation. mangosteen has called me a "relentless conversationalist".)

I mentioned earlier this week that up here, you have Park Culture, where down South, we have Mall Culture. Down South, we wouldn't have anything like Boston Common; we wouldn't know what to do with it. There's no air conditioning, and no arcade. Picnic? Wha?

And maybe some of that has to do with weather, too; up here you have mild springs and summers, whereas down South we have punishing levels of heat and humidity. But I think there's a different set of expectations, too. Must explore that.

And this is a pedestrian city, which delights me... I'm used to being the only pedestrian! More about that later, too.

Unrelated to Boston as a city... I have also been doing a great deal of emotional parsing, as evidenced by my post yesterday about Figuring Shit Out. Simple common sense: if you put a Shadesong in the middle of a city All By Herself, overload her with stuff and people and activity... she will 'splode, because her poor capacitors will overload. Weeks like this are emotionally intense, in part just because they are hypercompressed - I'm cramming a month's worth of activity into this one week. And on the one hand, my body is rebelling (got to bed at a decent hour last night, though, and have this morning off; will go swimming soon!); on the other, my brain has shifted over from mayfly time to superduper mayfly time, where everything must be processed nownownow because there's a new stimulus coming rightnow ZOOM!

And big things are shifting.

For the better, though. No sooner did I process what was bothering me yesterday than it was negated - the assumption that was giving me trouble was proven conclusively false. I'm still mini-reeling from that. Don't worry. It's a Good Thing. Very.

I feel good here. I have good people here.

And now? Swimming!
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