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Hello to new readers eustaciavye, grntserendipity, points, and thesilentpoet! And whoever else Joule has failed to pick up.

*takes pills* *waits*

Last night's clothes, having just run out for Dunkin Donuts pre-shower. Black t-shirt and jeans. "In Heat" panties.

Dunkin Donuts here are like 7-11s in Vegas, or Waffle Houses in Georgia.

The Brass Man, by Neal Asher, and American Bee, by James Maguire.

I was a bad girl and hit the used bookstore next to the Diesel. I may have to ship books back! Good thing about a college town: People sell textbooks. *hugs her stack of neuroscience books*

Hanging out with australian_joe and ian_gunn today; X-Men 3 is on the agenda, even though we all know we're going to hate it. I warned the guys that I may throw things at the screen. Party tonight with mrf_arch. Night tonight with skintalker.

Breakfast tomorrow with skintalker and kids; Mini-Golf tomorrow afternoon! mgrasso says we should have alternate indoor plans, as it may rain - and recommendations?

Sunday's still up in the air. *nod*
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