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I am worn down to a thread, to the bone. Why did I think I could manage this activity level?

(Because you're still making plans as if you were three-years-ago Supergirl, 'song.) (Oh, yeah. When will I adjust to this?) (No fucking clue.)

Left hotel room at 9:30 AM.

Just got back.

Breakfast and wandering with norda went straight to bookstore then to lunch and hanging out with mangosteen had a one-hour gap in which I read a new book then went straight to dinner and hanging out with mizarchivist, fubar, and quiet_elegance, and I need to remember that when I'm as exhausted as I was by the time I even met up with mizarchivist, I am no good to anyone; they deserve better than zoned-out 'song.

Tomorrow, I have no breakfast plans. I have lunch and play with ragingamazon. Then I will nap. Then I have dinner-plus with mrf_arch. Then I will get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Because I am currently about two days past my body's upper limit.

See? This is why I need to move here. So I can spread this out over a month.

Bed now...
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