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Short and random. Just like me!

I'm going to hold off on welcoming new readers til the end of the week, most likely - number's risen more than Joule is catching, 'specially since last night...

Medically... hm. I am overdoing it. Have overdone it. Will rest between lunch and dinner. I am currently in the full-body deep ache stage of having overdone things. And am *really* nauseous. Which is no fun. But the things were fun, you see.

I'm having the time-measurement issue of days blending into each other. To sum up my plans for the day...

* Breakfast with the only person in Boston who is shorter than me.
* Lunch with the only person in Boston who is louder than me.
* Dinner and hanging-out with, um, there are no comparative superlatives for mizarchivist and her menfolk. That I can think of. But. They are niftiness incarnate.

...fuck, I'm tired. Once more into the breech!
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