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Just got back from the Disel; we closed the place out. :)

Met ayalanya there for her to whisk me off to dinner just as a bunch of people were arriving; got back just in time to bump into hordes of people on their way out! Fortunately, there were still many people of niftiness inside. :) Saw lots of friends, met new friends. Got the phone number of a cute boy. What? I didn't ask! He just gave it to me!

Realized that reviewing my schedule aloud really makes it sound like I'm bed-hopping all week. I swear that I'm not. Seriously. Tomorrow, I have plans with *thinks* five people, and I'm not having sex with any of them.

...Thursday, however, is a different story. Heh.

Um. Yes. I am bleary-tired (yes, again, and yes, Spooky, I napped today and will tomorrow!), and have almost lost my voice from the talking.

I will attempt to post something more coherent tomorrow; rest assured that the lack of posting is due simply to being busy. Which is very novel. Yes, in Atlanta, I am busy, but I'm not socially busy. I like this!

Bed now, for I have breakfast with norda at 9:30 tomorrow...
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