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How to tell if Shadesong *likes you* likes you.

Welcome to the user manual for your new Shadesong! This is chapter #983: How to tell if Shadesong *likes you* likes you.

Due to one of many manufacturing defects, Shadesong expresses interest in much the same way as the average preteen boy. Think kicks in the shins. If Shadesong *likes you* likes you, expect to be poked in the giblets. Also, expect Shadesong to dart quick looks at you, then look away. This occurs in tandem with Shadesong either being very quiet or babbling incessantly and always saying the exact wrong thing. If your Shadesong appears suave in any way, she only likes you as a friend. (It's okay. This can change, given time and careful application of chocolate and comic-book-related witticisms. See chapter #985.)

If your Shadesong expresses interest in ways shown above, kiss her, as she will likely be too shy to kiss you herself.

Shadesong has also been known to refer to herself in the third person. This is unrelated to the previously-detailed defect; Shadesong is just a weird kid.
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