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Also: I wrote on the plane. Yay writing! I've been working on nonfiction and Victor-stuff lately, but what decided to come out was Jessa asking Fenris to father her child. This is at a point where they're.... not exactly not talking, but not re-comfortable with each other yet after their horrendously painful breakup and her time away from the city.

Would they have gotten past things and gotten back together, had she not been killed in the Purges? I don't know. Fenris is hella stubborn. He did eventually consent to father her child, and that was as a dagger in his heart; Blogathon sponsors from a few years back read how he held Capri the day she was born, then gave her back to Jessa and her husband...

*muses* ...yeah.

It was good to write, though. I can't say it was fun to write, even though I enjoyed the writing of it, because it was so painful for two of my best-loved characters. But it was good to write.

Unrelated - this hotel has turndown service. And they gave me slippers! The robe is so huge it's comical.

Also unrelated - australian_joe brought me two bags of chocolate-covered-honeycomb candy from Australia. The weird thing? Both bags are purple with gold accents. Different companies. Same colors. Purple + gold is apparently the official color scheme for chocolate-covered honeycomb in Australia. (Since I know someone will ask: Nestle Violet Crumble and Cadbury Crunchie, and no, I haven't tried them yet; I'm too full.)

Bed now.
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