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In ten hours I'll be in Boston.

Adam looked over my shoulder at my schedule as I was editing it for australian_joe time: "Well, at least you've left time to rest," he said with weary, affectionate sarcasm.

I peered at the schedule. "Well, I have time for a nap on Monday."

Seriously, though, I am glad that I have people who will understand if I need to rest. *nod*


I have a Boston-local cell phone! E-mail me if you are seeing me and require the number! This is a TracFone, which means I have a limited number of minutes on it, which means you do not call me to chat - you call me to say "Hey, I want to chat! Coffee later? Okay, bye." Even that, as a last resort, Adam says. I will have internet access in the hotel, so e-mail is still a good contact method.

Now, cinnamon rolls. Later, the world!
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