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We are zooming into the final hours of getting our shit together for Travel Like Whoa. Laundry is being done. Books are being selected.

We are exhausted.

For good reason, though - we spent most of today at the Renaissance Faire. Elayna and I have been braided and hennaed. We consumed mass quantities of iced beverages. Adam and katfireblade ate things on sticks. I enjoyed being massively flirted with and, on one occasion, being lifted by a vendor and carried off to his booth; Elayna enjoyed doing the trampoline-bungee-jumping thing three times. The Birds of Prey show now includes reptiles! An alligator, a California king snake, and a boa constrictor.

Elayna's new toy: Crystal Stix.

My new toy: Y'know my luscious tattered black leather vest? Same thing in deep bottle-green. Perfect House Tamra garb.

You know your feet are small when the guy at the boot place hears your size and his face just falls. Heh. Would have to be custom work, he said. He showed me the boots he'd wanted to put me in, and I laughed - thigh-high, with buckles. "They'd weigh as much as I do!" "But they'd look fantastic," he bemoaned.

The guy who tried to sell Elayna a circlet said "Fashion is pain!" when she frowned over the silver bit poking her forehead. "You're talking to a child whose mother doesn't even own high heels," I said. "That's not going to work on her."

We are sweaty and exhausted. But happy.

Now, the packing. Oy gevalt. At least I talked my mom out of leaving the security area to meet us by Delta checkin; we're just meeting her at the gate.

So much to do.

Is there anything anyone in Boston wanted me to bring?
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