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Happy birthday to pbristow and woodwardiocom!

Happy late birthday to those I've missed this week - I swear I lost days somewhere in there.

Hello to new readers bigblackmimesis, charitypomaybo, rwarner, wallbrat, and wickedgillie!

The past few days have been bad meds days, man. Very exhausted, very scatterheaded, and sufficient nausea to prevent me from really eating properly. I went to bed early last night, though, and will try to do the same tonight. And, thanks to school ending, today was the last day I have to be up by seven until after Labor Day! Yay summer!

Dear Bostonians
Mini-golf a week from tomorrow. Who's with me? *plans to embarrass mgrasso on the golf course*

Friday memeage!
Glittery "Pirates for Peace" tank top. Jeans. "In Heat" panties. I am currently sockless.

As I am getting on a plane the day after tomorrow, I'm saving all of my reading material, opting instead to do a run through Elayna's books. I'm about to start on The Wright 3, by Blue Balliett - sequel to Chasing Vermeer.

Victor stuff, and I need to get the book proposal for the epilepsy thing together.

Packing! And bill-paying, as I'll be gone the first of the month. Must also activate TracFone to make sure it works, charge the camera... aii...

And tomorrow? The Renaissance Faire. Elayna's been wanting to go, and this is the last possible day... we're going to get our hair braided, we may get henna, we will do the bungee-cord-trampoline thing if they have it this year, Adam will eat revolting things on sticks - it will be marvelous!

And Sunday, we leave, one girl going south, one north. And Adam will stay here and cherish every moment of solitude!
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