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...and, of course, that begs the question of what I have faith in, what I believe.

As Carroll said, I believe in six impossible things before breakfast. As I told the rapist twelve years minus one week ago, I do not believe that evil naturally exists in the world; I believe in a force of good, and that the evil is what we do ourselves.

I believe in wildly contradictory things! I believe in the JudeoChristian God I was raised to believe in, but I also believe in Raven and Coyote magic; I believe in Pan and Bacchus and Shiva and Kali. I believe in the power of belief.

I believe that everything is part of something wondrous, and that none of us will ever be capable of seeing that something-wondrous in its entirety. I believe that beauty and glory are too big for our minds to encompass, and I believe that that fact, in itself, is beautiful.

I believe that we should be kind. I believe that we should help each other.

I believe in magic.

I believe that there are small miracles every day.

I believe in love.
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