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Spin Magazine in Universe 616

Adam gets Spin Magazine. (For free. We would not pay for it. If you ever want to get every magazine ever for free, resulting in teetering piles of magazines all over the house, quietly rotting because you never get around to reading them because there are too many of them, Adam is totally your go-to guy.)

In this month's Spin lettercolumn, we have letters from the following people:

Alison Blair.
Lorna Dane.
Rachel Grey - and okay, her name should be Summers, but you could say she's going by her mother's surname. Maybe she's embarrassed about her interested in rock-star babies and is using a crappy pseudonym.
Barak Bishop.
Jared Corbo.

So we have Dazzler, Polaris, the new Marvel Girl, Bishop, and Radius from Alpha Flight.

Spin Magazine is fucking with us.

EDIT: I wrote to them about it. Signed it "Illyana Rasputin".
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