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My opinion on NippleGate '06:

If you ban breastfeeding icons, you must also ban icons of anyone...

* drinking coffee
* eating pizza
* consuming any food or drink in any way, dude.

Breastfeeding is not a sex act. Breastfeeding is feeding.

Adam, though not opposed to breastfeeding icons, says that since it does involve partial nudity, there's a distinction between that and just sitting down at a table and eating.

I say that when I was breastfeeding Elayna, I used to do it at the same table as people who were sitting down and eating without them ever raising an eyebrow.

Many states have laws to protect the rights of babies to eat in public, just like everybody else. LJ is apparently more prudish than the US government.

Not having this open to comment, because I don't have enough energy for debate! It's not hard to find a place to talk about it, if you choose to do so.
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