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And I think part of why my train of thought has gotten so deep into writerbrain is that it's fleeing.

I have so much to do. I'm in one of those states where it feels like I'm standing still and everything is swirling around me. I need to make lists.

Adam remembered to call in my prescriptions. Important, because I may be taking a bit of a detour on the way back to Atlanta, so we're not quite sure when I'll be home, so I really need to be full up on all of the drugs.

Today, I need to buy soap (I hate hotel soap, and if I'm to be in a hotel for a week and maybe more, I am bringing my own damn soap), a little pocket address book (Clie died again - this time permanently, I think), a TracFone* (at CVS, when I pick up my meds)...

I need to get gas and go grocery shopping.

I need to pack and ship all of Elayna's summer clothes.

I need to edit nonfiction stuff, and I don't enjoy writing nonfiction. I accept that I am good at it and that it can bring in money, and 'tisn't fair of me to not do something I can do to potentially bring in money, but it makes me feel like kicking the fireplace and scowling. Ah well. It'll be easier to do on my Boston trip, because then I won't have stuff around the house to distract me.

I am so getting a Campfire Mocha today. Between the UPS store and CVS. I deserve it. Wait, no - I can only have one if I edit or write nonfiction today. Yes. Then I will extra super duper deserve it.

I must now go do stuff.

* Yes, I know I need a Treo, but I can't get one in time for the trip, I don't think, and there are all those cell phone companies and their plans and it is all confusing, and this is just easier, and only costs $20.
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