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From the viewpoint of the average Dasaroi...

Like I said, I write mostly in the upper echelons of society - the Talthar Kithrayna and their close associates. The Kirayth are a step down from them, both in prestige and in the strength of their gifts (save Fenris); they're more your everyday sort of person, in terms of how they relate to the Talthar Kithrayna. (In the script for Issue #4, we see one of the Kirayth having a somewhat easy conversation with Donna, but showing extreme deference to Jeramie, who is... less friendly, and makes the most of his position.)

If you're an average person, how do you view the ruler of your House?

One of the things that came out in my writing last night is that Victor, at age 15, as one of those who believe that the Talthar Kithrayna are practically a separate race. Victor uses a phrase not often used: Blood of the Firstborn. The firstborn being Tiala na'Roth, who probably technically is a demigoddess. Tiala was created first, by the gods themselves, and helped them create the first six. It is unknown how long these seven were alone upon the earth before the creation of the rest of the Dasaroi, and what bonds and secrets they share; what is known is that their powers are greater than that of any other Dasaroi.

As time before time was recorded passed, the Houses formed around these seven - and other, lesser Houses formed around others, the second and third circles. Systems of government formed. I go into this in the primer, so I'm not going to go into it here.

The Kithrayn rules your House. By Dasaroi law, he owns you, pretty much; he has the power of life and death over you. (This is why Jeramie can get away with the shit he gets away with - he keeps it in his own House. In the absence of the Lishaya, there is no greater authority over one's house than the Kithrayn.)

Fortunately, for the most part, the Kithrayna don't abuse this power. Jeramie is a separate, and icky, case. But let's look at Kieran as an ideal example. Young, idealistic; raised by Donna since his mother's death, so her ideals rubbed off on him. Kieran does what he ought to do, and doesn't do what he oughtn't. He is a leader and an example; he mediates disputes fairly, seeking advice when needed. He takes the traditional tithe (rulers, work for a living? ha!) from those who can afford it, and accepts goods instead of cash from those who can't. He keeps enough of the money to live comfortably... but the rest gets redistributed. Kieran makes regular donations to the hospital, the Kirayth, and the Library. He'd feel guilty as hell spending money like water and letting the Kirayth barely scrape by.

So you take a guy like that - and you begin to see how Victor can put such faith in him.

And you take a guy like that, powerful and noble, your absolute ruler, destined lover of a demigoddess, and hot as hell, with all that lovely chestnut hair and the ready smile and sapphire-blue eyes and the way he moves when he dances, and you begin to see why Victor was so afraid to approach him about his crush!

...and I'm rambling.
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