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The answer to "How many times must 'song misspell Joseph's name before admitting that she's too tired to write?" is "four."

In case you were wondering.

I saw Boondock Saints on the big screen tonight with charlesland, though, and that rocked. I only wish photognome had been able to be there. St00pid work.

Joseph Joseph Joseph. Not Josepg. (That looks Czech. Or Polish.) I did find out that his Kithara's name is Jana, though.

(Kithrayn and Kithraya are the titles of the leaders of the seven Great Houses of the Dasaroi - the Talthar Kithrayna. The leaders of the houses of the second and third circles are Kitharn and Kithara. Joseph is of a second-circle house - Keleyn.)

Bed. Bed is good.
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