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A prayer before battle

Shayara is divided into three acts. Act I is the search for Julia, and ends when she's found; Act II is her training, and ends with the battle between our forces and the Council. Act III? You'll see. :) (Of course, there's tons more to it all than that; I am grossly oversimplifying in order to give you a bare-bones idea of structure.)

The battle.

The Kirayth and their allies are outnumbered by the Hounds and the Council that controls them. Not just that... the Kirayth are warriors, but the Hounds are mindless killers. There's a psychological barrier the Kirayth have to get through that the Hounds just do not have. Altogether, this adds up to the Hounds having a bit of an advantage. (On the Kirayth's side? Well, they have Julia. But the plan, the only way to take them all out, cannot be enacted from a distance. Has to be up close and personal. And Capri and the Kirayth have to get her there.)

The Kirayth are not stupid. They know they're not all coming out of this alive.

Most of the Kithrayna are on the field. Only two aren't - Donna and Kieran. Donna, with the fighters of House Tarak, is holding down the fort at the Library. Within the Library, which is the second-best-shielded building in the city, are the city's children. And Kieran.

Why Kieran?

The gift of House Narsan? They see dead people, to borrow a hackneyed phrase. And as Kithrayn, Kieran's the strongest of them all. Getting overwhelmed on the battlefield would be *bad*. Particularly since he's considered a primary target for two reasons - the first, he's the soulbonded of the Lishaya. The second, they don't find out for some time yet.

Victor is an interesting character for me. Most of my characters are, in spc476's words, "the aristrocrats". Most of the characters in the city are Kithrayna or, like Capri and Fenris, very closely connected with same. Different outside the city, but the characters outside the city have almost an alien perspective - they don't have the same outlook, the same conditioning, as Dasaroi who were raised knowing who they are.

Victor is a Shayara-born Dasaroi who is very not an aristocrat. It's been interesting to me to write the beginning of his time with the Kirayth, and particularly the beginning of his relationship with Kieran, his Kithrayn, a man who technically has the power of life and death over him - which Victor takes very seriously, til Kieran gets him to relax. It is interesting the me to see how "normal" people see the city and its situation.


Victor unofficially joined the Kirayth during the Purges, and he is on the battlefield now, for this, and thinking of Capri - and then of Kieran.

It’s time.

If I fall…

If I fall, my lover, my Kithrayn – touch me one last time. Touch me, catch me, hold me, for one moment between this life and the next. I consign myself to you. I am yours.

Not just his lover, but his sworn liegeman... and if he falls, if he goes too fast to tell Capri he loves her... he has faith that, in the moments before he is born again, Kieran will reach for him. He clings to that, and gives himself completely. And the battle begins.
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