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The new Legion of Super-Heroes animated series

Picture is here, in case they don't allow hotlinking the image...


*blink* *blink*


So. Much. Hate.

Okay, I understand, storywise, why they included Superboy. I'd be happier if they didn't, because I see it as more of an ensemble book, but classically, he does have history there, and they want someone familiar to draw in the new viewers.

But... I don't like the art. Superboy and Lightning Lad look fine. But the girls look a bit on the bizarre side. And, uh, Timber Wolf? Okaaaay. I can see how they might have wanted characters who don't look Just Like humans....

But my true hate is reserved for the character design of Brainiac 5. That's not Brainiac 5. It's a stoned Beast Boy with surfer hair and a tiara.

The writing better be good.
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