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Boston Trip Sign-up Sheet

We will be playing Poly Scheduling Jenga! I'm giving australian_joe dibs on my time for several reasons, one of the biggies being that I'll be able to hang out with a bunch of you Bostonians anytime I want soon, but he only comes over here a few times a year. But Joe has to make plans with others both first and concurrently. So I'm doing my own signup sheet here, and will do my best to accomodate everyone. It's best if you let me know more than one day/time you're available, and rank which is better for you. (Numbers beside reservation requests indict priority assigned by requestor.) I really do want to see as many of you as possible. And I have a whole week this time, yay! :) EDIT: And think outside the box - I am available for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee, not just dinner... EDIT: And yes, this is open to those of you that I've not yet met. :)

My hotel is downtown, near Boston Common. You can come to me, or I can take the T to you! I will not have a car, just the T, so if you're not T-accessible, you'll have to come to me. :)

This post will stay at the top of my LJ until the trip's over.

Sunday 5/28
I get picked up from the airport and deposited at the hotel. Dinner is a possibility; late-night stuff is not. I'll have been doing Travel Crap from noon to seven and will be exhausted!

Monday 5/29
Lunch/coffee with jnanacandra
Dinner/evening with skintalker

Tuesday 5/30
Breakfast with nomadmwe
Day with australian_joe
Dinner with ayalanya (meet at Diesel)
Diesel social in the evening

Brunch with norda
Lunch with mangosteen
Dinner with mizarchivist and her menfolk

Lunch with ragingamazon
Afternoon with australian_joe
Dinner/evening with mrf_arch

Breakfast with skintalker and kids?
Lunch/afternoon with ian_gunn
australian_joe time!

Breakfast with skintalker and kids?
Mini-golf with mgrasso!

australian_joe time
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