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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to tofu_cat!

Hello to new readers caladri, mere_bystander, just_shai, brightlotusmoon, sealgair, and thatwasjen!

Warning: I'm not always all ranty and political; most of my posts are more along the lines of yesterday's riddle from my daughter or "life with 'song and Adam" post. My LJ is less a home for thoughtful essays than it is just the dumping ground for unfiltered thoughts; it's not a newspaper, it's a diary and message board! :) Plus, I think it would wear us all out if I was ranty all the time.

I have developed a really nifty and interesting readership and community along the way. So - have fun. :) I may actually do a Friending Frenzy post tomorrow as my Friday Audience Participation thing...

Exhaustion + nausea + just a little bit of haze so far.

I'm about to do something that scares the crap out of me. Wish me luck! EDIT: I did it. *commences low-grade freaking out*

Today's Goals
An hour on the epilepsy book. Two hours of cleaning up the house, broken down into easily digestible 15-minute chunks. (Mother-in-Law arrives tomorrow!) An hour of fiction-type writing. Getting caught up on some of the comments on that post! Rest as needed.

Putting away the comics only counts as cleaning if I do not stop to re-read the comics. *slaps own wrist*
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