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Elayna post!

I have turned this post over to guest blogger Elayna. Elayna is eleven years old; please comment accordingly. She's a mature kid, so I'm not saying don't get technical. I'm saying don't get R-rated.

Without further ado, guest blogger Elayna (pictured)!

I like the street, but I don't like roads.
I like grass, but not plants.
I like greetings, but not cards.
I like copper, but not metal.
I like puppies, but not dogs.
I like kittens, but not cats.
I like eggs, but not yolk.
I like yellow, but not blue.
I like trees, but not bark.
I like swimming, but not water.
I like the pool, but not the beach.
I like running, but not walking.
I like arrows, but not archery.
I like ribbons, but not bows.
I like sonnets, but not poems.
I like coffee, but not tea.
I like roofs, but not houses.
I like guppies, but not fish.
I like the floor, but not the ground.
I like wood, but I don't like tables.
I like Mommy, but I don't like Grandma.
I like spoons, but not forks.
I like hello and goodbye, but not hi and bye.
I like platters, but not plates.
I like mittens, but not gloves.
I like glasses, but not cups.
I like books, but not reading.
I like sneezing, but not coughing.
I like being funny, but not laughing.
I like calling, but not phones.
I like muffins, but not bread.

Can you think of other things I might like and not like? :)
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