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Nice boots, wanna FAQ?

Compiling a quick little FAQ to keep at the top of my LJ. Comment if you think I should add anything in particular. Care and feeding of Shadesong!

Writing: I write. A lot. My main project is a comic - Shayara. I post snippets every so often of that and other projects; if something is labeled or tagged "Shayara", don't get confused, it's fiction.

Health: I have a bunch of stuff wrong with me; most of it has to do with my epilepsy and the anti-seizure medications. That's what the medical updates in my morning post refer to.

Moving: We live in Atlanta. It sucks. We're moving to Boston. Until I actually announce that Adam has a job up there, assume that he doesn't and send us leads!

Contact: I work at home now. Please do not read that as "I lounge around eating bonbons and waiting for the phone to ring." I do not like telephones. Please do not use me being home as an excuse to call and small-talk me. Only call me in the sort of situations in which you'd call someone at their office. I will not pick up the phone unless it's Elayna's school, but even the ringing disturbs the flow of the writerbrain/wakes me from medically necessary rest. My e-mail address is shadesong AT E-mail is the best way to reach me without me wanting to spork your eye out.

This post brought to you by the continual ringing of the phone while I am trying to work, dammit.
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