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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to ydnic!

I've been added a bit after Joule ran, so I'm going to wait on welcomes til tomorrow. Welcome, though!

A bit of wordfuckery and the slight time-lapse thing on top of the usual.

Holy crap, did that get linked all over the place. Which wigged me out a little... I'm accustomed to LJ linkage, though not to that extent. I'm not accustomed to the Daily Kos. I just wish it was actually a well-written essay, rather than a thirty-second dashed-off "I'm pissed!" *laugh*

I have obtained the spooky and sleazy gravy fairies, and will ascend later today! :) Pastamancer this time, and I'm going to the Gnomish Gnomad camp so I can make the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot. (I won a NPZR head in /games!)

If you play KoL and have no clan, you should join ours, because we rock. And if you have joined our clan, you should join food_knights. And even if you *do* have a clan, you should let me know who you are in-game so I can add you to my contact list.

May 28-June 5. :) I'll put up a separate post for scheduling. And dude, I expect Scheduling Jenga! australian_joe gets priority since he's rarely in the States, but his schedule is far from being set in stone.

Adam's mom will be here in two days, and the house is chaos! Oh, help. *hides*

And, um, my brain is tired. More later!
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