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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to daenarys!

Hello to new reader paradoxicalme!

Still haven't heard from my neuro's office; will call after my walk.

I can now confirm unfiltered that I will be in Boston for a week in the near-ish future. Exact dates should be decided today or tomorrow, but will veer sometime between Elayna's departure for summer camp (May 28) and our departure for Father's Day weekend (June 16); I anticipate that I'll be there sooner rather than later, since the hotels we're looking at for me are booked later.

Since I'll be there for longer than a weekend, I'm probably not going to have my usual One Big Party. Since I will be able to have individual/small-group lunches and whatnot without microscheduling myself into oblivion. If there's demand for a One Big Party, I'm not opposed - but indivdual/small-group stuff wears me out less.

Which is also part of why I'm excited to be staying longer, travel wears me out, and with only a weekend, by the time I fully recover, I'm packing to go home.

As soon as I have confirmed travel dates, I... oh, hell, I will pretty much have a signup street. *laugh*

One of the hotels under consideration is in Harvard Square. I've been to Harvard Square. What I remember about marvelous historic Harvard Square with all of its marvelous historic stuff is this:

I can get mochi there. Specifically? Mochi ice cream.

This resulted in me spending a not-inconsiderable chunk of time yesterday singing and dancing about the mochi.

"I am going to have mochi...
Mochi every day!
And I will have mochi for you...
And mochi for Elayna...
And mochi for Max and Jack...
Mochi mochi every day!
And I will have mochi for Spooky, and mochi for Kires,
(but not mochi for the Craftsman, because he will be in Boston and can eat his own mochi,)
And and and mochi for my parents, and mochi..."

Adam: "How many mochis is that?"

Me: "Many many mochi."


...I go now.
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