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Father's Day

Elayna spends the summer with her grandparents every year. So she isn't here on Father's Day. We work around this by designating a weekend day shortly before she leaves Early Father's Day; Adam gets his breakfast out, his presents, his day. Because he is a wonderful father and deserves it.

Today, during the happy-Mother's-Day call - my dad asked if we'd like to be flown down to visit them for Father's Day.

My answer, of course, was a stunned, thrilled, "Yes!"

For the first time, Elayna will get to spend Father's Day with her Adam-Daddy. *beam*

We're staying for a few days on either side, since I'm not working outside the home anymore and Adam's always bordering on losing vacation time because he never takes any. So we will also have time to hang out. Maybe a pool party on Friday or Saturday? So South Florida people, this is your notice! :)
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