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Happy birthday to fings!

Hello to new reader yndy!

Bad few days. Spend big chunks of yesterday sleeping or otherwise zoned. I'm on hold with the neurology department, and will go nap soon as I have an appointment. EDIT: And her earliest appointment is in September. So I got shunted back to her direct line, with the secretary who never picks up the phone. Left *another* message.

The project
I escaped to JavaMonkey today, to isolate myself and work on it... at home, it's easy to get distracted by all the Stuff.

Spell-checking? Took an hour.

Now, I expected to have to add stuff like "Trileptal" and "Geschwind" to MSWord's spellchecker. But "myoclonic"? "Endoscopy"? That's basic. Crazy, man.

I have been dragooned! Shanghaied! I am now a member of the graduation brunch and class gift committee at Elayna's school. *sigh*

We're #1!
The top three flautists in the school were so evenly matched that it took three seating tests to determine placement for the last event of the school year. When the dust settled, it was Elayna who was, as they say, "The winner! And still cham-peen!"

My girl = first chair. Went into the year as first chair, and she's going out as first chair. She was only not first chair for a few weeks in the middle of the school year - I think she got a little complacent. Being displaced woke her up, though!

Very proud of her. :)

I'm going to wander off and sleep now.
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