Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Veronica Mars

Fan-freakin'-tastic. Hit after hit after hit. Dude.

One complaint, and more specific raving, under the cut-tag.

Okay, my beef first.

^$#^%#&%^(* what the screaming fuck was she thinking text-messaging "Beaver's a killer"?!? Because, y'know, there's noooo chance that the person Mac's in the room with and hypothetically in very close contact with is going to see that, right? No chance of, even, Mac saying "Hey, phone! Pass it over here?" and Beaver glancing down at the phone, right? That never happens. Wow, it's like posting something publicly on LJ and not expecting people to read it.

Jesus fuck, Veronica.

She's smarter than that. That is sloppy writing.

Now, I forgive it because the rest of the stuff was so tight. But I had to bitch about it. Because I am me.

And speaking of that... I seriously feared for Mac, worried that Beaver would have a flashback or something, what with being in a sexual situation, and strike out at her. I kept repeating "They said she'd be there next season!", and Adam said, "They could have lied."

We love Mac.

The thought of Beaver being the rapist had not occurred to me. Beaver was such a minor character last year, and his characterization last year was totally in line with his story on the matter (being pushed into the room with unconscious Veronica, but leaving). As regards Veronica's chlamydia, I was thinking that Duncan must've gotten it from Meg, who got it from who? Her father? I was on the wrong track - but I don't feel bad about that, seeing as we didn't know Woody had it til this episode. The Woody-has-chlamydia/Beaver was on the Little League team thing happened too fast for me to string things together.

...okay, I'm mistyping whole phrases. The meds are kicking my butt. I'll continue tomorrow.
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