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Decisions are *hard*.

I put this here so you can drool as well.

My fabulous husband asks me: If, say, someone were to get you a Vosges basket, does the Italian
one strike you as niftier than the Fleurs de Chocolat? Asking because the latter is going away after this week.


See, they both look fabulous. I'd give the Collezione Italiano the nod, but the Fleurs de Chocolat is seasonal.... Agh.

Rose Vert
rose water + tarragon + dark chocolate + red rose petals
In France, tarragon's generic name is Artemisia, named for the Greek goddess of the moon. We combined this floral-anise flavored, bittersweet herb with rose water and dark chocolate, bathed it in moonlight and marked it with a red rose petal. In medieval times the leaves, rosehips, and roots were also used as an antibacterial.

Platanos y Orchidus
orchid vanilla + caramelized bananas + Jamaican rum + milk chocolate + purple orchid flower
Sweet platanos, or bananas, are pureed, caramelized and joined by Jamaican rum, dipped in a pool of milk chocolate and crowned with a purple orchid bloom. Indigenous to Mexico, the Vanilla planifolia orchid plant yields one of the world's most popular spices--the vanilla bean. Touted as an aphrodisiac and digestion aid, some say that vanilla possesses an unparalleled magical energy.

Mirabelle Orange
Mirabelle plums + orange flower water + dark chocolate + nasturtium petal
The beautiful, yellow Mirabelle plums have the subtle sweetness of a nectarine and the tart and tangy finish of a Rainier cherry. Blended with orange flower water from France and dark chocolate, the nasturtium blossom is the health secret. Nasturtiums contain vitamin C and they have been used to treat symptoms of the common cold. Steep nasturtium leaves and flowers and sip slowly...

Siam Citron
Jasmine tea + wildflower honey + lemongrass + fresh coconut + white chocolate + marigold flower
Upon visiting the famous Oriental Hotel Spa in Bangkok, you are greeted with a tall glass of iced green tea mixed with jasmine flowers, lemongrass and a touch of honey. This restorative cocktail was the inspiration for our Siam Citron truffle: a beguiling white chocolate creation intended to soothe your body. Atop each truffle perches a marigold petal, which has been used as a cure-all to fight anything from minor burns to snake bites. Today it is best known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

An ode to Italy, a collection completely unexpected, something that will make your eyes glimer with delight...something like cheese and chocolate.

Rooster: Italian taleggio cheese + organic walnuts + Tahitian vanilla beans + bittersweet dark chocolate

Olio d'oliva: extra virgin olive oil + white chocolate + dried Kalamata olives

Balsamico: 10 year old balsamic vinegar + dark chocolate + roasted Sicilian hazelnuts

Sale del Mare: Sicilian sea salt + milk chocolate + burnt sugar caramel + pine nut

Finnochio: Wild Tuscan fennel pollen + dark chocolate + floral anise

Tarragon and rum and wildflower honey!

But but but cheese and Kalamata olives and sea salt!

*falls over*
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