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Tew's Day

The usual, and just took the drugs. EDIT: By the end of this post, feeling face/tongue tingly, brainfog, some coordination fuckery.

Target has red Kool-Aid!
As in "Don't drink the Kool-Aid." It is weird being in there first thing in the morning. They have pep rallies. Hour-long pep-rallies, all the employees gathered together in front by the shopping carts, bursting into applause at least once a minute.

Just - weird.

They do tend to have a bunch of employees roaming the store after the first half-hour or so, perkily asking if they can help the shopper find anything. What I needed was a Mother's Day gift for my grandmother, but I doubt they can help me when I can't even help myself. Anyway, I did get cards and wrapping paper, and made my saving roll against buying myself cute unnecessary accessories. Go go Gadget Budget!

Today's goals
* Wrapping Mother's Day gifts so they're ready to mail this afternoon. Elayna is making my birthmom a gift, so I can't seal that box yet.
* Cover letter/summary of epilepsy book. Editing up a decent first few chapters, if my brain's not dead.
* Editing skydiving article.

I was an utter zombie yesterday and got nothing done, so let's hope I can make some progress today! I'd also like to do some filing if I can manage it.

It occurs to me that, after Elayna makes gifts this afternoon, I can pack the craft/gift closet. And the winter coats, which also live there.

It's now 1/32 of a cannon. And there's scaffolding up at the Right Side of the Tracks. Hmmm.
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