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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to arachne8!

The usual. And I don't know if I've mentioned, but I've weaned myself off the Celebrex.

I have been 'gnomed numerous times, but this is his signature pose:

That was at my July 4 barbecue in '94. Yes, as I do this project, you will get little snippets of the past few years.

Like Muppet Babies, but Shayara
I wrote a really emotionally-difficult thing in '04 - Alanna, and what she does with a poor newcomer to the city who doesn't yet know enough to pick her out of a lineup. Harsh shit. So my brain needed sugar and fluff. So:
She came to him laughing and confident, little fairy-wings strapped to her back; she was nine and he was eleven. "Kier!"

"Yeah, Kip?"

"I'm going to marry you when I grow up, I think."

"Oh yeah? What if I don't like you anymore?"


It was fun to make her all pouty; she was extra-cute when she was pouty. "What if you don't like me?"

She regarded him solemnly. "I will always like you," she pronounced, and kissed his cheek.

There's more. You'd need insulin, though.

The Epilepsy Project
My problem is that once I get started on something, I charge right in and don't let up til it's over.

Which means I went through six-plus months of my journal yesterday. Resulting in emotional compression (this was the time of my diagnosis; of the breakup with a... y'know, words are insufficient; of the Vidicon Thing - and, on the good but likewise intense side, the beginning of my relationship with volta, and wedding planning!) and boogly eyes from too much staring at the screen, and total exhaustion.

I really need to take breaks today.

25K words, though.

Song of the Day
Here. Have some bagpipes! "Cabar Feidh", by the Wicked Tinkers.

I am unrepentant in my love of bagpipes.
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