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Immediately upon our return from her school/errands, Elayna opened the pantry door.

Me: "Looking for a snack?"

Elayna: "Yep."

Me: "I would like a snack. Sadly, there are no snacks for me."

Elayna: "What do you want?"

Me: "Cookies. We are out of cookies."

Elayna: "Well, just open a new box."

Me: "Oh, not Girl Scout cookies. I want, um..."

Elayna: "Oreos?"

Me: "Yeah. Oreos. No Oreos. Sad Mama."

I sat down at the laptop and checked my e-mail. As if by magic, a six-cookie snack-pack of Oreos appeared by my left hand. Startled, I looked up at Elayna. "Where did that come from?"

Elayna: "The place where you skydived had them, remember? You took a pack?"

Me: "Yeah, but I ate those."

Elayna: "That's why I took another pack for later. I knew you'd want more."

Who's the mama here?
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