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Life with 'song and Adam

We're working on the Comics Project... right now, I'm alphabetizing and he's filing (and pulling the crap).

So I'm working on a pile from one of the older boxes, and Adam sees me just stop and stare, blinking. I give him a long-suffering look. He looks at what I'm holding.

Dracula vs. Zorro.

I'm not kidding. Dracula vs. Zorro.

He looks back up at me. "Like you're not curious who'd win."

Actually? I'm not.

Back to the comic mines. In this stratum: Dreadstar, Excalibur (vol. 1), and Ministry of Space #1...

EDIT: puppetmaker40, if Peter was wondering who the one person who bought Marc Hazzard: Merc was? It was Adam.
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