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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to seanhtaylor!

The usual. Yesterday's brainfog lasted retty much all day; I'm going to go for a walk soon in hopes of burning through the meds.

Is there a way to upload more than six pictures a freakin' month? And to do it quickly? There must be, or you guys wouldn't all be using them, right? Teach me! I might like to do a photo-a-day thing, and I like the way Flickr essentially gives you a friendslist, but I'm not willing to pay for something I may not get much use out of.

I'm Shadesong there, too, of course, but the only pics currently up are ones you've already seen. Skydive ones. Was also thinking I could use Flickr as a way to share pics with the family.

Me to mgrasso: "I think I like [mutual friend]."
mgrasso: "Well, he is your type."
Me, blinky, since [mutual friend] does not match my classical Type: "And what, pray tell, is my type?"
mgrasso: "Beard and long hair."

Me: *pause*

I guess that's become one of my types. (I've described my classic types, boy version, as "tall, slender, tortured-mage type" and "built like Fenris".) 2006 version. It's funny - all my life, I'd never kissed a boy with a beard before mightywombat in 2002, but most of my guys since have had, if not a full beard, at least a goatee.

mightywombat converted me! Warped my brainmeats. The bastage.

Which is not to say I'm not still attracted to clean-shaven guys; I very much am, and two of the guys on my Very Secret List are indeed clean-shaven...

([Mutual friend] also continues the 2006-version type by very clearly fitting the physical characteristics of a Dasaroi House... in his case, Narsan. (The Craftsman looks not-unlike the Telenias.))

And the little plastic castle is a surprise every time
The short-term memory loss is very irksome. I discovered yesterday that I'm unable to hold onto the threads of a CSI plot when

a) I'm watching alone, and
b) there's more than one crime to solve.

I'm okay with just one. But when there's switching, I forget who's on what case.

I'm okay when I'm watching it with Adam - because we crosstalk through each episode like we do with Jeopardy. It keeps the information fresh.
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