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Happy Monday, and Happy Beltane!

Hello to new readers meade, seeker147, and seileurt!

The usual, plus a fair amount of brainfog. Am alphabetizing comics. That's a good thing to keep myself active during brainfog. *nod*

Had a nasty headache yesterday morning, and an extraordinary amount of exhaustion... that seems to be it for the effects of the skydive. Yay!

The Skydive
For those who don't read over the weekend: I posted about my skydive on Saturday, and posted a link to the video yesterday. Please go read!

I'll do a wrap-up post about Operation Freefall later, when I can think straight. :)

Am currently listening to the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack. "Live and Let Die" just came on, and I feel that I must report that that song makes me want to spork my eyes out. Why?

"...and in this ever-changing world in which we live in..."

AAAAGH!!! No. No. No. *twitches* That song takes my inner grammar bitch and, and... there are no words. Forget the "Live and Let". Die, Beatles. Die.

EDIT: Okay, some people are saying it's "in which we're living". I swear it's not. Here, listen!

Comic organization aside, today is a day of rest. Because I know that I should not push myself overmuch after Saturday.

I'm going to go watch my video again. :)
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