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Operation Freefall: The Jump, continued; Back on Earth

Freefall lasts both one minute and forever. You want zen? Baby, that is zen. It is loud and silent, it is completely without time or perspective - it is a moment eternal. It is freedom and fearlessness and nothing more than you.

And I cannot describe it. I could sit here all night and throw words at it, and never come close to showing you what it was really like.

He deployed the chute - a gentle tug pulling me from horizonal to mostly-vertical.

And the videographer dropped.

Discussing the jump with Kat and K-Foo later, we agreed that that's when we realized how fast we'd been going. There'd been no sense of speed... until we were slowed and the videographer continued at the same pace. Dropped? No, not dropped. Not even plummeted. It was as is he was hurled at great force, hurled as if by the hand of god. We couldn't describe it in words, just in gestures, bringing our hands down abruptly, with force.

The videographer dropped, and I gasped, and then he deployed his parachute, and I could breathe again. I looked around, drifting slowly. "Hey! There's Kat! And [K-Foo]!" One with a yellow parachute, already so close to the ground; one with blue. No, I couldn't see the girls - I was only able to tell because they'd gone first and second, respectively.

He loosened my chest strap "so [you] can breathe", and had me slide my leg straps so I was in what was vaguely a sitting position, and... we drifted. Five minutes. Still so high up that, for the first minute or so, it didn't even feel like we were moving down. The wind may have had something to do with that - it was far windier than anticipated. No tricks were performed, and none of us got to help steer - it was a full job just for the tandem guys to get us down into something resembling the landing area!

We talked a little, and I can't even really remember what we talked about. I told him why I was jumping.

I watched the world beneath me for a while.

It was over too soon. It actually felt like the freefall lasted longer than the drifting! Maybe because my brain was still recovering?

We drifted in for a landing; legs extended, we skidded gently in on our butts, turning slightly onto my right hip. I lay there, gasping, in tall green grass, still slightly dew-wet, flattened like a tiny crop circle, parachute strewn behind me. He unhooked me, and I sat up, managed to stand up, legs wobbly. We'd landed in someone's backyard, near a barn... not far from our videographer, and not far from K-Foo. A car came to pick us up and take us back to our families.

Asked by the videographer to describe the jump, all I could say at first was "Intense!" And when asked if I'd do it again... "Definitely."

Hugging K-Foo!

I picked a flower for Elayna, who always brings me flowers when she sees 'em. And... back to base.

Kat had already returned, to a welcome by Elayna...

And here we are! robyn_ma, you wanted material for a new me-and-Elayna userpic... :)

Adam wanted a back-on-the-ground pose. I think I was still a bit giddy/delirious.

Happy Kat!

J., K-Foo with puppy, and laughing Elayna...

Elayna, happy. :)

We grabbed Cokes and snacks... my stomach was a bit tumbly! And we watched our souvenir videos as soon as they were given to us, and watched the next group jump, just to see it from the other side. :)

And then we left, hugging tandem guys and videographers. My adrenaline crash hit in the car, where I dozed most of the way to the Majestic... a cheeseburger and the entry of static_eddie, vanuslux, and brendastarr revitalized me for a bit, but it wasn't too long til my body said "Oh, fuck this shit" and crapped out on me entirely. So we went home, exhausted and happy.

Hi. :)

Expect me to continue on this topic for a bit.... I'm still parsing.

This was one of the most intense experiences of my life. And my life has not exactly been devoid of intense experiences. :)

Next year - jump with me!
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