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The Cool Mom

When Elayna and her friends emerged from chess club, I was sitting on the bench outside the school, reading. There was the customary chorus of "Hi, Elayna's Mom!", and I "hi"ed back.

Elayna: "What are you reading?"

With a sly grin, I held aloft... Fruits Basket volume 11.

Elayna: *explodes*

Ten girls: *gather around to see why Elayna is exploding*

Elayna: "Omigod you got 11 omigod omigod squee yaaaaay!!!"

A.: "Omigod Elayna you are so lucky. My mom doesn't let me buy manga. My mom would never read manga. I so want to read Fruits Basket!"

Me: "If your mom's okay with you with you reading it, A., you could borrow ours."

A. and Elayna: *explode*

I'm serious about the exploding. These girls were gibbering about the awesomeness of manga and moms who read manga and loan out their manga and omigod omigod in tones that only dogs could hear. There were very fierce hugs going on.

I am the cool mom, apparently.

Elayna shattered eardrums when she found out that I'd bought her volumes 11 and 12.
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