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dancing change

I still can't look back at my journal entries from the day of my diagnosis without crying.

I thought I could. You'd think I'd be able to. It's a distance of two and a half years.

From that day: Sometimes you look back on a day years later and realized that that's when your life changed.

Sometimes you know that your life has just changed as it's happening. Sometimes you feel it happen.

So okay, I'll go ahead and announce this now - one of my big new projects is a book about my epilepsy. About the illness itself, about coming to terms with it, about the medication crap. It's essentially mostly written, scattered 'round two years of my LJ. I think it would be good to gather it all in one place. It'll be a little rough on me. But worth it, I think.

Nothing's ever easy. But it's a lot easier if you're not alone. So here you go: my voice.
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