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Energy go now.

Today's big project: going through the 650+ unanswered LJ comments and answering those that still need to be answered, bookmarking links sent, deleting comments that don't need answers.

After that - but probably not today - going through Gmail, which only has about 75 e-mails in need of response.

Need to get caught up, get my shit together, as I have business-type stuff (the chapbooks, con info, et cetera) in that morass.

My iTunes loves Oysterband today. Which is making me think of cos. Hi, cos!

Placemarkers for posts:

* Pi-Con
* Last-minute Operation Freefall appeal
* The story of how I got to beat ragingamazon
* The porn post
* The story of how a decision I always tortured myself about turned out to be the right decision after all. At long last, absolution...

But first, I continue my spring cleaning.
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