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I have done lots of writer-type work, and am exhausted and proud.

*gives self a cookie*



It's not just about Shayara. It's not just about fiction, period. I was always told as a kid that I should go to school for journalism; I always demurred, saying "I can't write nonfiction."

Can too, and it's LJ that's shown me that - it's you, dear readers, who've shown me that. That I can communicate in nonfiction. Not the same way I do with fiction, but...

I have stuff to say, and lots of it!

And that's my job now. Shayara, yes. Places You Haunt, yes. But honey, I gotta pay some bills - and I have some things to say that can help do that, if I find appropriate homes for 'em.

Expect more info on new writing projects over the next week or so. This is stuff that I've been mulling over in my head. I'm shy about new things, though, and only brought the big one up today, and only to Adam. Sitting on the bed, wringing my hands just a little, very tentatively: "What do you think about this?"

Happily, Adam fixed the router today - so it's easier to work now. I'd been avoidant about anything internetty recently, as being online = being in my office - isolated, cold, clammy, crammed full of stuff that I can't clean out because it has to be a joint project. It is currently depressing to be down there! Up here is better.

Tomorrow, I will be working up here, and working my buns off, y0.

Tonight? Bed, so I can be functional tomorrow!
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