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Odin's Day

The usual. I took a long walk right after the brain meds today, which does seem to be helping!

Not enough Gwyn time
Gwyn leaves today, and we are sad. Any jobs for an academic librarian in Boston? No, I'm not just asking because I'm selfish and want more Gwyn. She really wants to know. So if you librarians and academic-type people could keep an eye out, we would all appreciate it! You'll appreciate it, too. She's niftykeen.

A Thought
Sounds weird, but - in future, I should limit myself to partners who've had Bad Shit happen to them.

No, hear me out!

I've found that people who've never had anything truly Bad happen to them/in their lives... give up too easily. Give up on things at the drop of a hat. They have no faith in the coming of the second wind. Whereas people who have had the truly Bad Shit happen... they/we know that it passes. That you can survive anything. That if you keep going, life gets good again. People who've been through Bad Shit know that there's a second wind, and will tough it out and emerge better and stronger than before. Whereas people who've never had to deal with that - and I'm not saying everyone, obviously, because all of us had a time before the Bad Shit; I'm just saying I see a pattern - tend to see even small problems as an unassailable wall, rather than a barrier to be fought through.

I have fought through enough walls that I have absolute faith now in a second wind, a third, a fourth; I think I'm on my seventh! Death is the only thing you can't survive. I need to be with people who Know that. And I pretty much am, nowadays.

This thought brought to you by hearing "Within a Mile of Home" by Flogging Molly on my walk.

Great Big Sea
Have you ever seen someone bounce about two feet straight up? Repeatedly? For over an hour?

Adam and Gwyn have.

Gwyn to train station at 11:30 - bookstore to pick up more Fruits Basket - phone with skintalker at 12:30 - phone with katfireblade, hm, sometime this afternoon? Phone with the Craftsman tonight sometime. Phone phone phone.

Between that, I'll try to catch up on e-mail. 600+ unanswered LJ comments, and a few dozen personal e-mails. Yargh. I must take care of this, because I feel terribly guilty when stuff like this piles up.

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