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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader domina_lilith!

The usual: Exhaustion + nausea, just took brain drugs so let's see.
Concert-related: My left ring finger is swollen and discolored. I have pictures! And my wrist is aching, too. Too much clapping! Gwyn and I were jello last night from bouncing around like that, but, y'know - Great Big Sea! Plans today are to go right back to bed.

Getting Old
Gwyn and I were talking about Shayara at lunch yesterday, about her favorite indelible moments. And Gwyn has a bit of a backstage pass, so, unlike most of you, she knows exactly what happens when Tessa's group finds Julia (one of her favorites). And one of our mutual favorites is that image of Capri, during the Purges, back against the wall and shielding desperately.

And I realized that my daughter is now the age Capri was when the Purges happened.

That's a mindfuck.

And now I am back to bed.

EDIT: I have not been reading my friendslist, due to presence of Gwyn. Tell me what I'm missing!
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