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Voice Post: Concert aftermath

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We forgot to record, um, from the concert. Or not so much forgot, it's that we were just having so much fun that we didn't really think of it. Um...We're sorry! *laughs*

But it was a FANTASTIC concert and they did the FASTEST version of "Mary Mac" [?] that they've ever, ever done, and they're going to KILL the fiddler one of these days. He's just going to drop dead on stage. And, and no one can say they didn't see it coming. Uhh...*laughs*

We had so much fun! And Gwyn and I, we're...we're, we're kinda gimpy. So we were saying, "Ok, ok, we need to calm down the bouncing because we're gonna KILL ourselves here." But then they would start the next song, and we just...ya know, POINNNNNNG right up into the air. Uh...*laughs* Because it's just, it's Pavlovian! Um, and everything is so bouncy. And, um, Kires once described his dancing style as Ent in a Hurricane. My dancing style is Ferret on Acid. Um, OR on crack. Either way. Ferret on Some Manner of Drugs. Bouncy, very bouncy ferret, VERY bouncy ferret. *laughs* And Gwyn is bouncy, too. And we just, we had a REALLY wonderful time. And right now, um, I'm on the phone with *one* hand, and I'm holding my daughter's Sponge Bag..sponge...*laughs* Sponge. Bob. *laughs* Sponge Bob ice pack with the other, because I clapped so hard, and the heavy ring that I wear on my right hand kept hitting my, uh, my left ring finger knuckle. And
the bruise I have there is really colorful, and I've actually taken my wedding ring off so they won't have to cut it off if I have to go to the doctor for this tomorrow. Um, and I broke one of my other rings but that's ok because it's cheap. *laughs*

It was a great song, and we heard, we heard almost all of our favourite songs. Adam didn't get to hear "French Perfume", Gwyn didn't get to hear "Boston Saint John's", and, and I just, I had, I had such a wonderful time. And we were laughing and falling all over each other because we, cuz our bodies were crapping out, but we were still dancing *laughs* and, and I love, I love them so much.

And, um, I know that Rin is going to try to transcribe this and she's going to HATE me for it. So I'll stop now and we're gonna watch "Robot Chicken" cuz Gwyn has never seen it. And you should all watch "Robot Chicken". And, and, and we saw Charles [?] - Hi, Charles! - uh, *laugh* and Adam is poking me and he wants to watch "Robot Chicken" now. Ok, I love you all, bye-bye!

Gwyn, say bye.
Gwyn: Bye!

[?], say bye.
[?]: Bye!

Adam, say bye.
(Adam says nothing)

*'Song laughs*
And we're very proud of you guys for knowing who Chuck Pain is. Ok.

Transcribed by: elionwyr
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