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Why did my LJ portal not pick this up this morning?

Happy birthday to mizarchivist!

In other news, I'm now at $1,120 raised for Operation Freefall. Woohoo! *dances like a monkey* So I'm going commando. Have to think of something to offer if I get up to $1,500. I'm not going braless. Because it would hurt, that's why.

There's always the offer of a story - considering that I'm just now writing the promised Blogathon story for last year (started it yesterday!), I don't know if you'll trust me on that, though. *guilty look* But I'll do it, I will!

The Blogathon story is about Annie coming to terms with Nicholas "getting sick". Since I blogged for MS research last year, it suits; I like have the story have something to do with the charity.
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