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Two wonderful things

* gwynraven is here!

* Just paid off a credit card!

*dances like a monkey*

EDIT: A third thing - Elayna and I got around to going to Target yesterday. She's been growing like a weed, and had no shorts that fit! So she tried on about 20 pairs. She had gift cards that added up to $100. So after trying on clothes, she sat down and worked out for herself what she could afford to get. Good math, good budgeting! Ended up letting her go $4 over budget. Six pairs of shorts, one pair of capri pants, one swirly skirt. Total cost to me, with the extra pair of shorts I threw in = $21.88. Elayna loves clothes shopping, and I love not paying a lot of money, so - score!

In case you're wondering, ElaynaStyle this summer = very decorated shorts (embroidery and/or rhinestones and/or glitter) with cute belts - sparkly sashs or cute belt-buckles or funky beads on leather.
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