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Thankful Thursday

I always forget to do this until I see it on my friendspage! And I'm listing "people who love me" in one chunk to challenge myself, as I could fill the list just with names; Adam, Spooky, Kires, et cetera...

I'm thankful for...

1. The worlds in my brain
2. Self-awareness
3. The people who love me/the people I love
4. The freedom to start to work with my body's limitations instead of fighting against them
5. My amazing daughter
6. New flirtations
7. Backrubs and snugglehugs (it was a great party!)
8. Cats who cuddle
9. Singing and dancing for no particular reason
10. Iced chai

Okay, let's do more!

11. Painting with the kid
12. Long walks in perfect weather
13. Being wanted in Boston (and I'm not talking sexually)
14. Vosges!
15. Red suede boots!
16. Parties where everyone in the room knows all the words to "Yoda" and "Title of the Song", and, in the latter, will actually physically drop to their knees to elicit a crowd response
17. That charge in the air when you're about to be kissed for the first time - this weekend wasn't my first time kissing slipjig, that was my previous Boston party, but it still feels like that. The uncertainty, but knowledge that this is what you do next. You know?
18. Writing time!
19. The infodump stage of making new friends
20. "Thinking of you" e-mails
21. New books
22. Writerly collaboration energy
23. Spring!

I have more, but right now...

24. Sleeping with my husband.

EDIT: Someone on my friendslist (locked post) just did this re: things about her body, so I will too!

1. My eyes are big and shift color, greybluegreen and even, rarely, violet or brown, always with a greysilver halo... my eyelashes are long and thick. My eyes are my favorite part.
2. The small of my back. It's in the end credits of a movie, it's so nice. (manifestress, what's that movie called again?)
3. My calves, which have always been strong and well-shaped, no matter my weight.
4. My hair - growing back and thickening again, curlier than ever; my daughter likes to play with it.
5. My mutant toes!
6. My butt! I have been told that I have an extraordinary butt. I choose my jeans accordingly. (I was standing on a chair on Saturday, saying goodbye to perldiver, and lbitw was having so much fun with the view that perldiver positioned me a little better for him...
7. My wrists, ever since haikujaguar told me how strong they looked.
8. My grace - when the drugs aren't bitchslapping me, I can still move like a dancer. I enjoy bending, stretching; I enjoy being in improbable positions with perfect comfort.
9. My height. I'm not like normal people - here is your instant visual notice!
10. My laugh. Not my polite laugh - my real laugh, the one that startled mgrasso this weekend. It's not cute or dainty; it comes from my whole body at once!

Now you do it.
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