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Goals vs. Reality

Posted earlier about the goals; here's what actually happened...

* Played KoL. :P

* More cleaning! Living room and, yes, the dresser.

* Nice walk.

* Writing about writing.

* Actual writing.

Side note: It is hard to write about this period in their lives.... Fenris and Jessa broke up for reasons very similar to those that caused Adam's-and-my breakup back in 2002. Very similar. But Adam and I never left each other, physically... and Adam and I got back together. And Jessa and Fenris never, ever do.

So when I write about her breaking down in Ray's arms, having driven clear across the country holding herself together impeccably and then coming totally unglued.... I'm writing about those emotions, and I'm processing them like I didn't get to back then. Like Jessa, I've always had to be the strong one. Unlike Jessa, I had no one to hold me while I cried - no one whose intentions were good.

* Mommy-and-daughter day! Picked her up from chess club, then swung by That Pottery Place and painted tiles for the grandmas. It was a bit too early for dinner when we got out, so we went shopping - Square Roots and Squash Blossom. And in Squash Blossom, she talked me into getting the most preposterous pair of shoes I have ever owned. (Keep in mind that I own Fluevogs.)

She did it because she wants to wear them in a year or two. Punk kid.

They're freakin' adorable, though. And silly. And will be warm in Boston winters.

Shopping was fun.... nothing there would fit her, obviously, but I got the running commentary of what's "too plain" and what's "omigodgorgeous!!!", and I looked at her holding dresses up to herself in the mirror and saw her-in-five-years. *grin*

Then Noodle for dinner and, of course, JavaMonkey for desert, and now we are home. And my wrist hurts. :( But! Wonderful day. :)
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