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...and, for the curious, the bit that demanded to be written today is something I've never focused on before - where Jessa went when she fled the city after Fenris broke her heart. I knew that they spent a chunk of time apart, as it was just too painful for them to be anywhere near each other. Fenris had to stay in the city, obviously, as the Kirayth were in their first few years, and they needed him. So Jessa went. And really, Jessa's only ever been a few places in the human world. She doesn't go to Annie, because Annie's having a hard time dealing with what went down between Fenris and Jessa. So she goes to the obvious place - the Sanctuary. And she and sensei Ray can have a few of the conversations, and, well, some other stuff, that they could not have when she was underage and his student.

That isn't the focus of her time there; she teaches, too, and her example is part of why Shawn decided to stay on and teach, some seven years later. But her conversations with Ray are good for her. Help her work things out and make some painful decisions.

In the end, the man who comes to bring her home is the one who wins her. Was that the right decision? Well, nobody's perfect. She makes it work, but there's always that twist in her heart when she looks at Fenris; there's always the wish that it could be him.
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