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This is your brain. This is your brain on characters your readers will only ever meet in retrospect. ^#&*^)^&.


So. Jessamyn ni'Tamra, later Jessamyn Donnelly, the character most people will only know as Capri's Mom and Fenris's Dead Lover. I seem to be writing her life story. Or at least sizable chunks of it.

Jessamyn was born into House Tamra in an era where the Lishaya was missing; being a powerful Tamrani female, she was pretty much watched like a hawk throughout her childhood for signs of being the long-missing Lishaya. Nope. She's not. This did give her a bit of a complex, though, the always being watched, and it took some mental gymnastics to bring her to the choices she made later in life...

At age 14, following a very unpleseant encounter with Jeramie (who becomes obsessed with her as sort of a surrogate Tiala), she finally convinces her father to let her go study at the Sanctuary. There, she blossoms. Academia = good! And she gets over some of her childhood shyness, and becomes somewhat of a leader in her social group (which includes Halloran's parents and Kieran's parents).

And then comes Fenris, or Seth as he's known then, and then it gets really interesting. They're literally from different worlds - Jessamyn having grown up very upper middle class, if not upper class, in Shayara, and Seth having been raised among humans in a very blue-collar area of Philadelphia, a street kid with a real shit of a father, and having only recently been told what he is...

They teach each other; they temper each other. There's no real way to summarize the effect they have on each other... that, in itself, is a big part of the story. But by the end of their time in the Sanctuary, they've helped each other a great deal...

...and then there's Annie. Did I mention that there are a *lot* of poly issues in their story? This is the first - Jessa (Seth's nickname for her, which catches on) falls for Annie, and it takes a *lot* for Seth to be okay with that. He finally manages, but as we see later, there's a lot of the old double standard in his reasoning - it's okay if it's another girl, but *never* a man. He's very possessive, but not in an assholic way - it's just that Jessa's his best friend and his true and overpowering love... she's the only person he really trusts.

Their time at the Sanctuary ends. Jessa successfully convinces Seth to come to Shayara with her, but fails to talk Annie into it - Annie and Nicholas go to California instead. Jessa will visit Annie, but only infrequently - things are about to get very, very hectic in Shayara... be continued. Hand hurts!
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