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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to eyes_of_cyrene!

Hello to, um, whoever Joule didn't catch. Oy. (Yes, I know Semagic notifies you, but Semagic only works on inferior computers.)

The usual omnipresent effects. I took a walk immediately after taking the Meds of Doom; this has mostly worked, I think, as I only have a little bit of the brainfog.

My everything hurts! Actually, just my legs. Stressed the backs of my thighs with the unusual level of housework yesterday. I need to learn how to pace myself. The problem is that, with my particular condition, my capabilities are highly variable. I do not yet know if there's any way to tell how much activity will be too much on any given day. I don't know is there *is* any way to tell.

Some GI issues this week. Read: not quite diarrhea, but close on it. I write this because increase in poopage is a major weight loss thing, so I have to watch this like a hawk and be able to report it accurately should I start losing weight again.

Housework is contagious.
Elayna was so impressed by the tidiness of my bedroom that she cleaned hers. Like, before I woke up. What a nifty kid. :) The only areas she didn't cover = the mounds of stuffed animals on the far side of her bed (must buy bins) and her dresser, but I didn't do my dresser, either. That's our mutual goal for today.

Other Goals
* More on Jessa's story. Yes, I should be working on Walking on Water, but Ray (one of the senseis at the Sanctuary) wants to talk.

* Some filing.

* That Pottery Place in Decatur, to paint tiles for the grandmas for Mother's Day. I actually remembered in time!

* Target, to spend Elayna's gift cards on summer clothes. And maybe get some bins for the stuffed animals.
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